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This Flusso applications room contains technical documents on use of the FLS122 air velocity sensor for thermal management applications.

If you’re involved in the server or gaming PC market, you’ll know just how important it is to keep everything running cool. To maximise system performance and energy-efficiency, while helping to reduce component failure rates.

The FLS122 air velocity sensor has been specifically designed for use in these types of applications.

It provides real-time, accurate temperature and airspeed measurements. And it’s high performance, small footprint and easy integration makes it ideal for even the most space-constrained designs.

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The FLS122 is perfect for thermal management in servers and data centres. Unlike more traditional approaches that rely solely on temperature sensing, the FLS122 can immediately pinpoint areas requiring abnormally high air flows to maintain stable temperatures.

This allows racks to be reconfigured to reduce demand and save energy costs. And helps with more accurate fault detection and diagnosis to cut data centre maintenance times too.

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