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This page lists all the currently available firmware for use with the FLS110 Evaluation Kit.

Available from customer portal only

To download these files please visit the Flusso customer portal.

  • FLS110 STM32 USB I²C Interface Adapter Firmware

    Firmware for the USB-I2C interface adapter that connects your PC to a FLS110-STM32 sensor module. Can be used with the Evaluation Kit GUI, Python Test Scripts or your own PC-based test software.

  • FLS110 STM32 Sensor Module Standard I²C Firmware

    Standard FLS110-STM32 firmware with I2C register interface. Can be built using the SDK.

  • FLS110 STM32 Sensor Module Firmware SDK

    A Keil-ARM μVision MDK project with FLS110 firmware source code and libraries. Used to build firmware for sensor modules based on the FLS110-STM32 reference design.

  • FLS110 Firmware Integration Guide

    How to adapt FLS110-STM32 Sensor Module Standard I²C Firmware to your requirements and make your own build using the FLS110-STM32 SDK.

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