Accurate air speed measurement is vital for optimising drone performance, particularly during launch and recovery. Flusso’s FLS110 differential pressure sensor is ideal for this application.

Drone Airspeed

Accurate measurements are critical

Accurate and reliable air speed measurement is one of the most critical factors affecting drone performance.

It’s vital at low speeds during launch and recovery. Also for predicting battery endurance and optimising the drone’s range.

Low cost MEMS pressure sensors are often used to determine drone air speeds. But they suffer from drift and struggle to deliver the required performance at low speeds when drones are at their most vulnerable.

The FLS110 offers exceptional performance for this industry sector.

Drone Performance

Exceptional performance at low speeds

Flusso’s FLS110 differential pressure (DP) sensor offers accurate, drift-free air speed measurement for all types of drones.

Advantages include:

  • Small size and weight – ideal where weight is a critical factor.
  • Excellent accuracy and stability – to boost drone performance.
  • Exceptional performance at low speeds
  • Longer battery life and flying ranges

Designed for high-volume applications – for fast-growing, cost-sensitive markets.

Drone Ideal

Ideal for all drones

The FLS110 significantly outperforms existing DP sensors making it a manufacturer’s first choice for drone air speed measurement.

The sensor is temperature compensated with an onboard temperature sensor. And it’s the industry’s first to use pressure compensation from the drone’s barometer to improve air speed measurement accuracy regardless of environmental conditions.

Flusso has also developed a specific FLS110 evaluation kit for drone applications that works with an off-the-shelf pitot tube.

Please contact sales@flussoltd.com or one of our distributors for further details.

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