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Our mass flow sensing solutions allow you to quickly measure and log the FLS110 sensor output within your application.

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If you're looking to get an evaluation kit or one of our sensor electronics modules, you can do that using the form on this page.

Evaluation Kits

The evaluation kit contains everything you'll need to test our FLS110 sensor. It's supplied with a fluidic fixture (to fit your flow range), push-fit connectors and a USB adapter to connect the FLS110 PCB directly to your PC. And once you have everything connected together, you can easily recalibrate the sensor to take account of your complete system.

To order a kit, please complete the order form on this page and use the catalogue to find the best fluidic fixture for your application, whether you need it with/without flow pressure sensing, and then the correct evaluation kit product code. Please note all kit product codes start with FLS-XXX.

As soon as we have received your details, we will be in touch to advise costs and delivery timescales. If you need any advice on selecting the best fixture for your application then please get in touch or contact your local distributor.

Sensor Electronics Modules

Our plug and play module contains everything you’ll need to test the new FSE-112 flow sensor electronics within your application. When combined with a fluidic fixture it plugs directly into your flow system using push-fit connectors and into your PC to view and record sensor data.

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Evaluation Kit order details

To ensure we send you the best fit, please view our existing catalogue to select a fluidic fixture with the required range and to find the relevant evaluation kit product code for it.

Alternatively, please contact us if you need help identifying the best fixture for your application.

Sensor Electronics Modules order details

To ensure we send you the best fit please view our FSE-112 Product Information flyer.