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This page features some of our latest webinars and other videos. Scroll down to follow our YouTube channel for more content.

Introducing the FLS110 (in Chinese)

Ho Wong, business development manager for China & SE Asia, and Cerdin Lee, operations director at Flusso (supported by Chris Rosser, head of systems and applications) discuss the challenges of flow measurement in cost-sensitive and tightly-packed designs. The event includes a detailed Q&A session (starting at 26:55).


Introducing the FLS110

Chris Rosser, head of systems and applications at Flusso discusses the challenges of flow measurement in cost-sensitive and tightly-packed designs. Before explaining the cost, design, manufacturing and other benefits of the FLS110 flow sensor.


Flusso flow sensors for floor care applications

Chris Rosser and James Norman present the benefits of mass flow sensing for handheld vacuum cleaners including: improved cleaning performance, battery life and active filter monitoring. The video features a product demo of the FLS110 flow sensor in action (at 20:35).


A quick introduction to Flusso

Flusso was recently awarded a cofinitive #21towatch Top21.2021 award for its inspiring and innovative approach. Andrea De Luca, company cofounder and CEO summarises in 60 seconds how Flusso can help you become a winner too.


Sensor fusion for environmental sensing

Florin Udrea and Cleo Cabuz discuss current environmental sensing technologies as part of a roundtable at Sensor + Test 2021. They talk about current products, opportunities for sensor fusion and Flusso's vision.


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