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Welcome to Pulse

“Why Pulse?” you might be wondering.

Well, it’s because it gets my heart pounding as I am sitting here writing this introduction. And I’d like to think our readers will be equally excited and eagerly awaiting each issue as it arrives in their inbox too!

The tenth of June will be Flusso’s fifth birthday, as it's five years since we were spun out from Cambridge University.

Back in 2016 we had a technology and a dream to use our sensor innovations to help people and the environment. We didn’t have a clear path laid out to follow, so we created one. And now, five years later you can see the first piece of that vision.

The FLS110 is the world’s smallest flow sensor with a complete digital flow sensing solution wrapped around it.

Our solution is flexible enough to address a wide range of applications from vacuum cleaners and air purifiers to inhalers and ventilators. Why? Because it takes a modular approach that allows each customer to strike the perfect balance between system cost and performance for their specific application.

If you want to know more about what lies ahead, have a look at the roundtable discussion between Cleo, Florin and me that we've just posted onto our webinar library.

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Andrea De Luca | CEO and co-founder

Flusso adds more FLS110 features

Product news
Flusso adds more FLS110 features

The FLS110 can now accurately measure volumetric flow and differential pressure in addition to mass flow!

I am very excited to announce that with the launch of our V5 Evaluation Kit you can now use the FLS110 flow sensing solution to accurately measure mass flow, differential pressure and volumetric flow from -20° C to +85° C.

This new functionality provides class-leading flexibility to deploy the FLS110 across multiple applications. By allowing your engineers to address different sensing needs with the same solution you can deliver products to market more quickly. Engineers don't need to develop with a new platform each time.

And when you use the FLS110 in multiple products, you can combine your manufacturing volumes to take full advantage of our volume pricing to further reduce your cost per part.

Measuring volumetric flow or differential pressure with the FLS110 V5 Evaluation Kit couldn’t be easier. Simply set the flow measurement basis to volumetric mode and calibrate exactly as you would for mass flow. Density correction for temperature is taken care of in our flow sensing firmware using the flow temperature sensor inside the FLS110.

If you have a particular application in mind or want to learn more then please contact sales@flussoltd.com

Chris Rosser | Head of Systems and Applications

More product information

Flow sensing for medical and home healthcare

Events & Webinars
Flow sensing for medical and home healthcare

Accurate flow measurement is essential for smart inhalers, oxygen concentrators, training masks and lots of new medical devices. Products that are specifically targetted at helping to improve patient compliance, ongoing care costs and treatment outcomes for conditions such as asthma and long Covid.

In our next webinar - Wednesday 30 June at 5PM CET - you'll learn about the performance benefits of directly measuring mass flow over pressure sensing and other technologies. We’ll also look at some other design challenges when integrating flow measurement into battery-operated, handheld products for use in medical and home healthcare settings.

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Empowering smart, connected products

Industry update
Empowering smart, connected products

Who would have thought it?

That one of the biggest impacts of the global pandemic would be to accelerate the development of an entire ecosystem of smart devices and appliances for use at home.

One year on and almost everyone is aware of the critical importance of regular hand-washing, as well as the quality of air we breathe. Most of us can now relate to what an IAQ index means and what constitutes good ventilation at home or at work. We even know what a “good” CO₂ or PM concentration is in ppm or mg/m³ too. And perhaps more importantly what to do about it.

In my view, this new level of environmental awareness and the role IAQ plays in maintaining people's health, comfort and well-being is here to stay. Every consumer is going to want more intelligent, connected products at home or at work that can provide them with the real-time monitoring and feedback.

In other words, they don’t want air purifiers that simply circulate the air without calculating the volume being filtered. Vacuum cleaners that fail to adapt for different floor surfaces to guarantee effective cleaning or warn their users if a filter is clogged. Or HVAC systems that cannot compensate for changing air contamination or pollution levels.

Two of the best practices for monitoring and improving indoor air quality are filtering (or destruction of contaminants) and air dilution. And you can’t control either of these without knowing and adjusting the airflow, which is exactly where Flusso can help.

We are offering the market the world’s smallest airflow sensor that can help make consumer products more efficient and able to do their job better.

Thomas Negre | VP Sales and Marketing

Did you know?

Amazing facts about flow
Did you know?

Wing fences were first proposed in 1938 as a way of eliminating spanwise airflow along swept aircraft wings.

Airflows that might otherwise cause the wing to stall when landing or during hard manoeuvring, making it near impossible for pilots to control the aircraft and causing crashes.

Flusso has used a similar approach within the FLS110. With flow guides being used to control the gas flow over the sensing element in the world’s smallest flow sensor.

Essentially the guides separate the vortices that form within the sensor package from the airflow passing over the sensor element. This prevents the vortices from interacting and creating flow fluctuations over the sensing element, improving the signal to noise level and therefore repeatability of the sensor.

Image credit: JeP/shutterstock.com

We need you!

We need you!

As Flusso expands, we are actively looking for technical distributors in key regions.

If your company has specific distribution expertise in industrial, consumer products or healthcare markets, and is highly motivated to help us take our breakthrough sensing technology to market, then we’d love to hear from you.

Please email us at sales@flussoltd.com

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