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Save hundreds of thousands dollars in expensive insurance claims and reduce the likelihood of fire occurring with next generation dryers monitoring air flow. Our flow sensor is the solution.

Hundreds of millions of dollars are lost globally each year from lint build up in tumble dryers causing devastating fires. When excess lint blocks the vent system unnecessary burden is placed on the dryer causing premature failure.

Reduced insurance claims

With accurate flow and temperature measurement the dryer can accurately indicate when the vent flow path is required to be cleaned.

  • 50% reduction in likelihood of fire occurring using Flusso MEMS technology with proactive awareness

Improved product lifespan

With accurate flow measurement dryers can determine the optimum time when filters and the flow path need to be changed to reduce dryer failure.

  • 5% reduction in failure rates can be achieved with proper filter / flow path cleaning by using Flusso MEMS flow technology
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Miniature Flusso flow sensors are cost effective for high-volume applications and can be placed in the dryer vent.

Quick introduction to FLS110

This short video provides a quick introduction to Flusso's FLS110 flow sensor and its novel integration concept. And it explains the design, cost and performance benefits over traditional flow sensor modules.


Introducing the FLS122

Jason Kerr from Flusso's business development team talks about the challenges of air velocity measurement. Before then discussing the features and flexibility of FLS122, the world's smallest thermal air velocity sensor.


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