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Next generation mass flow measurement devices

Save your customer hundreds of hours of downtime while increasing the price of next generation mass flow measurement devices. Our flow sensor is the solution.

Service companies that use large mass flow test equipment that require frequent charging incur hundreds of hours in downtime. As new MEMS technology in mass flow measurement devices is introduced to the market, pricing on capillary with platinum heater and differential pressure mass flow technology is becoming commoditised.

Reduce product commoditisation

With price appropriate Flusso MEMS technology for mass flow devices product margins can be increased.

  • Increase next generation mass flow device prices by up to 30%

Reduced Project Downtime

Project downtime can be minimised with next generation portable mass flow measurement test equipment that is extremely small in size and requires minimal charging.

  • Rechargeable batteries lasting months instead of a few days
  • With devices that are 50% smaller the technician can do more
FLS110 application image 2

The FLS122 sensor is ideal for replacing older style technology for added power performance and reduce product size.

Introducing the FLS122

Jason Kerr from Flusso's business development team talks about the challenges of air velocity measurement. Before then discussing the features and flexibility of FLS122, the world's smallest thermal air velocity sensor.


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