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Indoor air quality

Air quality can be improved by 10% with more accurate IAQ measurements. Improved quality of life from better air management. Our flow sensor is the solution.

Adequate ventilation and filtration solutions are vital in reducing our exposure to airborne contaminants within buildings such as from respiratory diseases like COVID-19.

Current IAQ sensors that monitor CO₂, VOCs and particulate levels are known for being extremely sensitive to small changes in air flow rates.

Manufacturers typically integrate a sampling pump system to draw a known flow rate of air through the sensors. But flow is not measured so IAQ readings can be inaccurate.

Air filtration technologies within HVAC systems are critical in protecting the health and wellbeing of a building’s occupants.

Improved indoor air quality

With accurate flow measurement connected to IAQ pump systems, indoor air can be improved by measuring more accurately.

  • Improve air quality by up to 10% with real flow measurement using Flusso MEMS flow technology
  • With accurate flow measurement in HVAC systems, filters can be changed when required keeping air quality at its best
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The FLS110 sensor is ideal for adding accurate flow measurement features into air purifiers to help boost IAQ sensor accuracy.

It can be easily integrated into existing flow paths and with minimal impact on product designs because of its size.

Using Flusso FLS110 Evaluation Kit

In this video Chris talks through how to set up and use Flusso's FLS110 evaluation kit to measure and log temperature and flow data for your system. He talks through the required fluidic and electrical connections, using the GUI, and adjusting the settings to calibrate the sensor for your application.


Quick introduction to FLS110

This short video provides a quick introduction to Flusso's FLS110 flow sensor and its novel integration concept. And it explains the design, cost and performance benefits over traditional flow sensor modules.


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