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Save thousands per year in increased HVAC efficiency, reduced maintenance times, and improved quality of life from better air management. Our flow sensor is the solution.

Some of the largest costs for building operations come from their HVAC system energy costs.

HVAC filter systems typically operate on timers. But they indicate when to replace filters either too early, causing unnecessary maintenance costs, or too late leading to thousands of dollars wasted in over burdening the HVAC system.

Air filtration technologies within HVAC systems are critical in protecting the health and wellbeing of a building’s occupants.

Increased HVAC efficiency

With highly accurate Flusso MEMS technology in next generation HVAC systems, thousands of dollars per year can be saved by indicating the precise time for filter changes.

  • Save thousands in improved HVAC efficiency by changing filters when needed
  • Reduce unnecessary maintenance cost by changing filters when required

Improved indoor air quality

With accurate flow measurement, filters can be changed when required keeping air quality at its best.

  • Improved air quality with real flow measurement using Flusso MEMS flow technology
Pulse 4 distributors airpurifier webinar

Flusso flow sensors are enabling a new generation of intelligent filtration systems to improve quality of life and HVAC cost of ownership.

Air purification applications

In this webinar Chris Rosser talks about the use of active filter monitoring within air purifiers and its impact on operating costs, performance and energy-consumption. He then explains how the FLS110 flow sensor can be easily used to enable active filter monitoring and with minimal additional system cost.


Quick introduction to FLS110

This short video provides a quick introduction to Flusso's FLS110 flow sensor and its novel integration concept. And it explains the design, cost and performance benefits over traditional flow sensor modules.


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