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Flow testing instrumentation

Save your customer hundreds of thousands in previously unidentified leaks with new highly accurate designs that are 50% smaller, don’t require calibration and with batteries lasting months. Our flow sensor is the solution.

Some of the largest costs for building operations come from their HVAC system energy costs.

Approximately 40 cents per square foot are lost in HVAC leakage per year.

Buildings typically lose 30% – 40% through leaking HVAC systems.

HVAC testing companies have challenges with using equipment that can't detect all leaks, is costly to maintain and can cause technician downtime because of its size, engineers forgetting to charge it or moving parts failing.

Increased HVAC efficiency

With highly accurate Flusso MEMS technology in next generation HVAC test equipment hundreds of thousands of dollars per year can be saved by more precisely detecting leaks.

  • Save hundreds of thousands in improved HVAC efficiency
  • Quickly locate previously undiscovered leaks with highly accurate MEMS technology

Reduced project downtime

Project downtime can be minimised using next generation HVAC test equipment that is extremely small in size, needs limited charging and requires no calibration.

  • Rechargeable batteries lasting months instead of days
  • Zero instrument calibrations required with MEMS technology
  • No money wasted on replacement devices during calibration cycles
  • With devices 50% smaller the technician can do more
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Flusso flow sensors are enabling a new generation of more robust and reliable test equipment.

For example, by replacing moving or fragile components with more accurate solid-state alternatives.

Flow sensors for smarter, more energy-efficient HVAC

Jason Kerr talks about the challenges of the HVAC market, why there's an urgent need for smarter and more energy-efficient systems, and how low-cost flow sensing can help.

He also discusses why the FLS122 is the perfect sensing core for flow and velocity sensing modules.


Quick introduction to FLS110

This short video provides a quick introduction to Flusso's FLS110 flow sensor and its novel integration concept. And it explains the design, cost and performance benefits over traditional flow sensor modules.


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