1 June 2024

Flusso boosts low flow performance for ‘world’s smallest flow sensor’

Flusso boosts low flow performance for ‘world’s smallest flow sensor’

Flusso is adding more new features to its existing multi-award winning FLS110 – the world’s smallest flow sensor – to help further improve its performance.  The new FLS112 mass flow sensor, which replaces the FLS110, now offers more accurate bidirectional flow measurements particularly at low flow rates and improved moisture resistance compared with its predecessor.

Flusso’s new flow sensor can display real-time, fully temperature-compensated measurement of mass flow, volumetric flow, air speed or differential pressure, as well as a separate measurement of gas flow temperature. It offers outstanding performance, robustness and reliability, and with the same miniature footprint of just 3.5 mm x 3.5 mm it can be easily integrated into even the most intricate flow paths.

The FLS112 is based on Flusso’s unique digital flow sensing platform that gives manufacturers the flexibility to customise and balance performance versus cost, and to configure specific modes and features depending on their application requirements. The new sensor’s size, flexibility and its super-scalability make it ideally suited for a range of emerging high-volume applications in consumer, medical, automotive and industrial markets.

Flusso’s new FLS112 exploits the company’s patented T-MEMS technology where tungsten is used within a standard CMOS manufacturing process for the sensor’s micro-heater and sensing components to help reduce device costs without compromising performance. However, Flusso has further developed the FLS112’s adaptive drive and read-out architecture to accommodate improved algorithms for more accurate flow measurements, particularly at flow rates below 4 sccm.

FLS112 product samples and flow sensor evaluation kits, which allow users to easily assess the new sensor’s performance within their own application, are now available to qualified customers. Both items can be requested via the company’s website.

The FLS112 is one of several Flusso innovations that will be showcased at this year’s Sensor + Test event in Nuremberg, Germany (11 to 13 June), where the company will be on booth 1-323.